Immortal Rain and Chrono Crusade- why so special?

unlike Chrono Crusade that took me a while to finish after discovering it for several reasons, once I came to know Immortal Rain I was totally captivated, and finished all the 9 volumes the scanning groups has translated untill now in a matter of 2 or 3 days, which were very enjoyable. every moment of reading was blessed, to tell the truth. its been a long time since I’ve been this hooked on a manga to read all 46 very long chapters in such a short while.
the reason I chose comparing Immortal Rain with Chrono Crusade even when talking about the time it has taken me to finish reading is that i had a very similar experience reading both manga , so I’m going to use CC and IR for this purpose in several matters because both of these manga has this unique magic you rarely come across, and being frank I have never, not even once, for all my manga fanatic years and all the hundreds of manga that I read in the past and present, have encountered this magnificent kind of special manga. it’s very hard to explain what is it that makes CC and IR special to this extent that they’re totally different from other manga to the point of being on a whole new level. of course every single manga is unique in its own way, and I have no intentions underestimating other works, but IR and CC are definitely different in the best way they could be.

when I say I had a similar experience with both manga I mean the feeling it gives me was very much alike, yet different. there is nothing similar when it comes to the story, characters, art style, writing or anything else, it’s absolutely different in every aspect, than how come it was so similar?

there is one thing to start with that I think put these two wonderful manga in the same category, and it’s simply the genre. CC is a shounen manga, written by a seinen/shounen mangaka, but still- it didn’t feel like shounen completely. there’s a certain touch shoujo manga has, and it was definitely there. it was sounen with a touch of shoujo that gave the manga a whole different atmosphere. IR is a shoujo manga written by a shoujo mangaka, but still- its doesnt feel completely like shoujo, it has a certain touch only shounen manga has which gave the manga, like CC, a whole different atmosphere. this “shounjo” and “shoujen” atmosphere feels to me like a whole new level. this combination, in the hands of great talented mangaka that know how to handle it and merge just the right amount to make the perfect story, is a treasure. but I don’t want anyone to ba mistaken! I am most definitely NOT talking about romantic shounen and fantasy/martial arts shoujo or any kind of shounen and shoujo that include in them genres that the other usually has. it’s totally different that I cant even compare how superior the shounjo and shoujen are. as I said, it’s a whole new level.

another thing that is similar is the characters development and plot progress. both IR and CC have similar flow in the progress of the plot thats being built from the very first chapter and progressing slowly and naturally on solid foundations, layer after layer. even when jumping  1 year, 5 years or 600 years to the future or past the harmonic rhythm is still kept unharmed.
as expected of these two amazing mangaka that were able to achieve something that for me, as a reader, is priceless with the plot progress, of corse the character development is of the same nature as the plot. solid foundation is the key, never forget where you came from and what you’ve been doing along the way. personality that is human, walking its path with a natural pace, discovering yourself while discovering others, being shaped and help shape others, passing every phase- never skipping, dealing with all that needs being dealt- never running. all those things we want to see the character go through, all that we hope to see- is there, always keeping to the rhythm of their life, static and charming, and most of all- human. it’s so easy to relate to each and every one of the characters, whether it’s the wacky scientist, evil brother, mad doctor or the rotten friend, they are so well made that personally, even while hating some of them, I cant help but understand and even like them somewhere in my heart.

another similar point, and the last one I’ll be using to show how unique and wonderfully made these manga are, is the supporting characters. I have to admit I didn’t like the supporting characters in CC like I love the ones in IR (for a reason that I will reveal in a few lines), but I can still say that the way they are being introduced to the reader, the relationship they build with the main characters and other main supporting and supporting characters is honestly well made. the rhythm I talked about is also valid when it comes to the main supporting and supporting characters. they all have they’re own character development, to their own natural pace matched to their own extraordinary personalities.

Chrono Crusade and Immortal Rain are very special manga. there are a lot of other things I can say that make them both so amazing and precious to me, but i dont think i have the energy needed for that. I enjoyed every moment of reading and cherished every word and every line that Ozaki-sensei and Moriama-sensei written and drew, and I can assure anyone and guarantee that everything I said and all the praising I did were not in vain, every word is true. but of course there’s always a but…
BUT! even though I love CC from the bottom of my heart, and I truly adore this piece of art, Immortal Rain is a lot better for me, simply because it’s the closest thing I have ever read that was this close to perfection, at least in my eyes. the characters, the story, artwork and everything about it was wonderful. the art style may not be the prettiest thing I have ever seen, but the characters (especially Rain) are so soft… their sincere expressions, every spark in their eyes and all the emotion genius Ozaki-sensei puts into the characters that is so authentic and real, it’s just splendid. its fun and painful, and most of all, it made me overjoyed that Ozaki-sensei is so brilliant, and that this manga exist.


~ by DandelionRH on January 13, 2010.

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